I have always been a lover of stationery and planner supplies, as a kid I used to write lists for absolutely everything on scraps of paper, but now, my addiction has grown and matured and this was the starting point for It's Simply Bizarre!


I started seeing the term Traveler's Notebooks floating around on social media, and having got tired of my chunky A5 Filofax, I delved into the world of these glorious traveler's notebooks. However, with the capability to change out inserts, came the problem that I needed a constant supply of them; and I simply wasn't finding what I wanted online.


So I took my graphic design background and Photoshop and started designing my own insert pages, this then led me down the road of creating foil insert covers, and then on to making my own stickers. I loved my own items so much, I decided to share them with everyone else! Thus It's Simply Bizarre's journey began!