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With the new range of iPhones coming out, I felt a little technology jealousy so, me being me, decided to go out and treat myself to the iPhone x! It's been a few years since having a new phone, so as you can guess, I was pretty excited to set it up! It's almost like that feeling you planner lovers get when you buy a new Traveler's Notebook and you get to pick a brand new cover for it and make it look all pretty! Now I will cut the rest of this blog post short, you're here for the freebie and not to hear me go on about phones! As you'll see from my shop, I'm a super creative person, so I designed my own phone background, and now I want to share it with you. Available in only iPhone X size at the moment, with more to follow.

The QUEEN phone background is our freebie for this week! Blog freebies is something I have wanted to offer for ages, so keep checking back for tech backgrounds, stationery downloads and prints for free! iPhone X:

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